Research Days 2017

25 avril 2017

Inria – bâtiment Alan Turing – Amphithéatre Sophie Germain – 91120 Palaiseau

Une fois par an, le Labex DigiCosme (mondes numériques) communique sur ses thèmes et résultats de recherche : sécurité et fiabilité des logiciels, cryptographie, systèmes cyber-physiques, méthodes formelles, réseaux intelligents, internet des objets, villes intelligentes, science des données, apprentissage profond, fouille de texte, intelligence artificielle.

Once a year, Labex DigiCosme (Digital Worlds) presents its research topics and results: software security and reliability, cryptography, cyber-physical systems, formal methods, smart networks, internet of things, smart cities, data science, deep learning, text mining, artificial intelligence.

Program (PDF)

  • 9:30 Opening talks :
    • Pierre Duhamel & Florence d’Alché-Buc, Coordinators of Labex DigiCosme
    • Olivier Cappé, Head of the Information Science and Technology department of Université Paris-Saclay
  • 10:00 Internet of Things Analytics: Albert Bifet (Telecom ParisTech, LTCI) – PDF abstract

10:25 Coffee break

  • 10:55 On long words avoiding Zimin patterns and dpda equivalence.: Stefan Göller (CNRS, LSV) – PDF abstract
  • 11:35 Contracts in Model-Based Design of Cyber-Physical Systems: Antoine Girard (CNRS, L2S)- PDF abstract

12:00 Lunch buffet offered to participants

  • 14:00 Detecting Structural Changes in Dynamic Community Network: François Meyer (University of Colorado at Boulder & INRIA) – PDF abstract
  • 14:20 Stochastic Geometry Modeling for Large-Scale Networks: Marco Di Renzo (CNRS, L2S)
  • 14:40 Graph Algorithms for Decision Support in Molecular Construction: Dominique Barth (Université de Versailles St Quentin, DAVID) – PDF abstract
  • 15:00 Making Networks Better, Faster, Stronger, Harder with Information Centric Networks: Dario Rossi (Telecom ParisTech, LTCI) – PDF abstract
  • 15:20 D-spaces: Distributed Spaces in Concurrent Epistemic Systems: Frank Valencia (CNRS, LIX) – PDF abstract

15:40 Coffee break

  • 16:10 Temporal Relation Extraction from Clinical Narratives: Aurélie Névéol (CNRS, LIMSI) / Xavier Tannier (Université Paris Sud, LIMSI) – PDF abstract
  • 16:30 Shallow survey of Deep Learning: Marc Schoenauer (INRIA) – PDF abstract
  • 16:50 Control of Nonlinear Switched Systems: Julien Alexandre dit Sandretto (ENSTA ParisTech, U2IS)- PDF abstract
  • 17:10 Ideal Codes, Isogenies, and Cryptographic Applications: Benjamin Smith (INRIA & LIX)
  • 17:30 Maximal Monotone Operators, Stochastic Approximation, and Some Applications: Walid Hachem (CNRS, LIGM)- PDF abstract

17:50 End of the day

Les transparents seront en anglais, les exposés en français ou en anglais selon l’orateur. / The slides of the presentations will be in English. The language of the talks will be French or English depending on the speaker.

Pour toutes questions / For any issues :