2016 | Sphinx-Gallery

Nom du Projet logiciel: Sphinx-Gallery
Code source :

Axe : DataSense
Porteurs du projet : Loïc Esteve, Inria, Gaël Varoquaux, Inria, Alexandre Gramfort, Telecom ParisTech
Nom & Prénom du Candidat : NAJERA OCAMPO Oscar
Laboratoires : Inria, Telecom Paris Tech
Laboratoire gestionnaire : UPSud
Durée et dates de la mission : septembre 2016 – septembre 2017

Current status of sphinx-gallery :
Sphinx-gallery 1 is a software tool that integrates example files in a on-line documentation. Starting from simple Python files, it runs them, capturing the output, figures, and text, and generates HTML rendering that combines these, creates IPython notebooks out of them. All the examples are exposed in a gallery. Finally, links are adding the HTML code listing to relate each symbol to the corresponding documentation, leveraging the « intersphinx » mechanism. Sphinx-gallery has been created via a previous « project doctoral » of université Paris Sud. It is now used in a variety of projects, such as scikit-learn, MNE-Python, nilearn, or pystruct.

Proposed improvements :
The goal of the new project is to extent sphinx-gallery to a more complete document-generation tool. Indeed, we have found that turning Python script into readable document is useful beyond an example gallery, for instance in the body of the documentation of a software project, or to build course materials to teach numerical methods, algorithmics, or data analysis. For this purpose we will build functions and a command-line utility to turn Python scripts into restructured text, HTML, PDF, and IPython notebooks. These will be tested and improved by integrating in the scipy lecture notes 2 to streamline the build and
the insertion of examples and exercises in the course material.