2020 | ESCAPE: EcoSystem Causal Analysis Using PEtri net unfoldings

Axe : SciLex
Sujet : Scilex-1 Security of systems, Scilex-2 Continuous versus discrete systems

Directeurs de thèse : Stefan Haar
Laboratoire gestionnaire : Inria SIF
Autres partenaires : LSV, IBISC
Doctorant : Giann Karlo AGUIRRE SAMBONI
Début : 2020
Productions scientifiques :
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Contexte : ESCAPE brings together the causal analysis of discrete processes via Petri Net unfolding, and the reasoning about interactions in ecological systems under a network perspective. New discrete models have recently been proposed for capturing influences and interactions, linking ecosystemic graph models — extended to encompass hypergraphs — to reaction rules reflecting influences between species, abiotic components, artefacts etc. The project aims at these approaches fruitful for prediction, causal explanation, and control of system models, via the development of partial order unfolding methods that have arisen in fault diagnosis, attractor analysis, and control, giving a full sight of the causal relations that determine these processes.