2020 | Net4Vertical – Network Issues in vertical Applications

Axe : Comex
Coordinateurs : Véronique Vèque, Université Paris‐Saclay, L2S
Houda Labiod, Télécoms Paris, L2TI
Laboratoire gestionnaire : L2S
Autres laboratoires impliqués : LTCI

Présentation :

In recent years, the development of digital technologies have transformed every aspect of our society including transportation, industry, energy supply, health, entertainment and everyday life. As examples, the manufactory industry has evolved as a distributed organization of
production. Transportation systems has become smarter while using smart sensors and exchanging data between vehicles in order to improve human safety, reduce the traffic jam and hydrocarbon emission. Smart grids enable distributed generation and support of power with real time routing of electricity flows. E‐health involves also machine‐to machine communications with a high level of reliability and a great diversity of communication technologies.
The use of effective communications is mandatory to maintain the operations of present‐day vertical applications with the utmost accuracy.
This seminar aims at exploring the network requirements of these vertical applications. It mainly focuses on the networking issues induced by vertical industries applications. Presentations will focus on introducing the investigated network problems and their associated tools, methods, protocols and algorithms being developed to address the issues.
This seminar is clearly part of the COMEX task.

The objective of such a WG is to strengthen the collaborations between Digicosme teams in both Paris‐Saclay and IPParis, through regular exchanges, co‐publications, organization of workshops, in order to become the reference network seminar in the south of Paris.

The aim is to address network problems from the perspective of vertical applications such as Massive IoT, Smarticities and intelligent transportation systems (connected or autonomous vehicle, intelligent road), factory of the future (Industry 4.0), smartgrids, e‐health and entertainment (video distribution, Immersive video). While exploring the network requirements of these vertical applications, this seminar will have a multifaceted objective, highlighting the network problems in this new and constrained
environment. Such examples of network issues to study are: Quality of Service requirements (reliability, low latency,…), optimization concerns (routing, congestion, resource allocation, slicing…), network control and management (virtualization, softwarization), cyber‐security (focusing on communication and network architecture), network hybridization, supervision and resiliency, quantum networks, etc.
Presentations will focus on introducing the network problems and the tools, methods and protocols/algorithms they have developed to find a solution. Such traditional tools and methods are taken from optimization techniques, performance evaluation, machine learning and testbed experimentations.

Le groupe de travail a le format de deux Workshops annuels sur une à deux journées, ouverts à tous sur inscription. Les orateurs ainsi que les participants sont les doctorants, postdoctorants et stagiaires des laboratoires de recherche de Paris‐Saclay et de l’IP‐Paris ainsi que des centres de recherche industriels (Thales, IRT SystemX, Vedecom,…). Il est prévu d’inviter des spécialistes français ou étrangers notamment en profitant de leur visite dans nos laboratoires.