Formal Methods and Safety / January 26, 2016 / LRI-LOVELACE

The Labex takes part in the Formal Methods Forum organised in Toulouse by Laas-Cnrs, the clusters Aerospace-valley, MINALOGIC and Systematic, and the RTRA STAE. The next session « Formal methods and safety » will take place in Toulouse on January 26. The conferences intended for researchers and representants from the industry will be simultaneously broadcast in Grenoble and on Plateau de Saclay.

The conferences will present an overview of practical methods and tools used to improve the safety of softwares. The speakers are researchers and users with a practical experience of those methods in an industrial environment.

Date : january 26, starting at 8.45 am
Location : Université Paris Sud, Bâtiment Ada Lovelace (650)
Contact :