Objet Tangible Actif pour surfaCe interacTives

Coordinator : Sabrina Panëels

Team :Paul Ferrand, Alexis Geray

Host laboratory : CEA LIST – Laboratoire des Interfaces Sensorielles et Ambiantes

Abstract :
The tactile interfaces, although intuitive for interaction with information, lack haptic feedback to ensure effective and natural interaction. In particular, tangible interfaces have been developed to add a physical dimension to these tactile surfaces by naturally manipulating known objects. The benefits, at once social, cognitive, cooperative and physical, have been demonstrated, particularly in the field of education. However, today’s tangible objects are generally simple objects, lacking in themselves the feedback necessary for a rich natural interaction and a better understanding and accessibility of the information being manipulated. The objective of this project is to develop multimodal active objects.

Technical description of the project :
In order to develop active tangible objects, our approach consists in increasing a passive tangible object with a visual display via one or more screens, audio feedback via one or more loudspeakers and haptic feedback via vibratory and piezoelectric actuators that will dynamically control friction during movement and thus provide a rich range of haptic effects.

Perspectives :
Being adaptable to different interactive surface technologies, the active tangible object can be used with any screen as a tangible interface or even be used as a standalone interface connected to control other devices (e. g. in home automation). Such an object will open the door to many potential uses, ranging from education, culture, marketing or home automation.