Program of the Logipedia starting meeting

École Normale de Paris-Saclay, 61, avenue du Président Wilson, Cachan

Metro station: Bagneux ( line B )

Building: Laplace

Room: Salle Renaudeau

  • Monday, January 21st

9h30 Welcome

10h-11h : Presentation of Logipedia (Gilles Dowek)

11h-12h : Discussion

12h-13h30 : Lunch

13h30-15h30 : Translating Logipedia proofs from one theory to another
and exporting them to different systems (Introduction: François Thiré)

15h30-17h : Break up sessions

  • Tuesday, February 22nd

10h-12h : Translating proofs from an existing library to Logipedia (Introduction: Chantal Keller)

12h-13h30 : Lunch

13h30-15h30 : Concept alignment: how to use Logipedia proofs in my system? (Introduction: Cezary Kaliszyk, and Théo Zimermann)

15h30-17h : Break up sessions

20h00 : Dinner

  • Wednesday, February 23rd

10h-12h : Translating proofs from automated theorem provers to Logipedia (Introduction: Guillaume Burel)

12h-13h30 : Lunch

13h30-15h30 How to build a community and fund it?

16h00: end of the meeting