ComEx-3 Distributed networks: Optimization, Game theory, uncertainty, Networking

The Internet has steadily evolved over the past decades in terms of number and heterogeneity of its connecting devices, variety of services and technologies, availability and multiplicity of network resources, and performance of wireless communication. These new opportunities also bring new scientific and technological challenges to the edge and core of the Internet.

This research theme focuses on such new challenges and in particular, on the ones imposed to the communication, performance, and resource management networking tasks. Related solutions are expected to take benefit from the multiple wireless access technologies available at the Internet edge, as such 5G /6G networks, to adapt to the variety of backhaul links, traffic demand, users need, dynamicity, and uncertainty in the network. Such research directions together will contribute to the provision of more flexible, smarter, and adapted solutions related to the design, deployment as well optimization of networking services, protocols, and algorithms.

Hot topics in this context involve: (1) resource allocation in Mobile Edge Computing; (2) the equilibrium and user-aware challenges in 5G/6G networks; or (3) distributed solutions for Tactile Internet. This theme will welcome works (but NOT be limited to) related to: the formulation and optimization of operation of many representative communications and networking agents with conflict goals under uncertanties; the study of classical and evolutionary stochastic games where risk measures are modeled by chance constraints; the design of smarter and flexible solutions tackling network uncertainty and dynamicity of resources, demand, and users; exploration and randomness modeling of energy harvesting in 5G networks; the modeling and leveraging of wireless network usability (e.g., traffic demand and mobility) in resource management and network communication; the integration of collective distributed intelligence in the network edge and core.

Hot topics