Labex DigiCosme Call for applications – “Mobility Scholarships for international research-oriented internship during first year of master 2021-2022” (mobilité sortante)

You are in first year of a master program labeled by LabEx DigiCosme (see list) and you want to do an internship in a research laboratory abroad: apply for a mobility scholarship from Labex DigiCosme

Important Dates

  • Application (by the coordinator of the M1 program): before Tuesday January 25 2022 – 13h (Paris time). Applications received after that limit will not be processed.

  • Beginning of the funding : April 2022

Master 1 mobility scholarships

1 – Description

The LabEx DigiCosme will fund around 15 mobility scholarships for students currently registered in a M1 program in computer science, electrical engineering or bio-informatics from the campus Saclay. The goal is to allow master students to acquire a first international experience in research and to favor their enrolment in a PhD program within one of the research laboratories of DigiCosme.

These scholarships aimed at contributing to travel and subsistence costs abroad.

2 – What are the conditions?

Students have to do an internship in a research laboratory abroad for a minimal duration of two months. The internship subject has to be related to DigiCosme research activities.

The application form must include the target M2 program among the list in annex.

These grants have a maximal amount of 1000 euros and can be cumulated with other grants or supports.

Awarded students are engaged to send to the LabEx DigiCosme, no later than September 15, 2022 a synthetic report of their internship, including the description of their work and the scientific and cultural interest they gained.

Download here the requirements specification

3 – Applications rules

Applications are done exclusively by M1 coordinators and must include:

– M1 program

– M1 coordinator (Name and email)

– CV of the candidate

– Copy of an identity card and student card

– Detailed description of the internship (one A4 page)

– Targeted M2 for the following year

– Motivation letter of the candidate explaining the choice of this internship related to her/his research project conducting to a PhD

– Justification of the budget

– Academic records since baccalauréat (including the first semester of the M1 program)

– Acceptation letter from the international laboratory

– Recommendation letter from a M1 professor

– Support letter from the M1 coordinator

3 – Selection

Selection will be done by the members of the education commission of LabEx DigiCosme based on the academic excellence of candidates and the relevance of their research project.

The LabEx DigiCosme will provide up to three grants per M1 program.

4 – Calendar

January 25, 2022: submission for the applications by the M1 coordinators

February 2022: selection committee and notification of the results

From April 2022: international internships

September 15, 2022: synthetic report due