Selection process

1 – Goal of call

Answers to this call must show how the proposed projects contribute to the scientific axes of Labex DigiCosme and to the strengthen the ICST community .

All proposals must be based on the collaboration of at least two laboratories within the scope of the Labex. New collaborations are strongly encouraged.

2 – Scope of call

This call is devoted to teams within the scope of Labex DigiCosme. Only the partner teams/laboratories included in the funding agreement may carry and manage the allocated funds, the list is given below.

DAVIDUniversité Versailles St-QuentinD. Barth
IBISCUniversité Evry Val d’EssonneS. Bouchafa
Inria Saclay–Île-de-FranceInriaS. Boldo
LISNCNRS, Université Paris-SaclayS. Rosset
LINKAgro ParisTechA. Cornuejols
Li-PaRADUniversité Versailles St-QuentinW. Jalby
LIXPolytechnique, CNRSG. Schaeffer
LMV (équipe crypto)Université Versailles St-Quentin, CNRSL. Goubin
L2SCentraleSupelec, Université Paris Sud, CNRSM. Kieffer
LMFUniversité Paris-Saclay, CNRSP. Bouyer
LTCITelecom ParisTechT. Abdessalem
MICSCentraleSupelecP.H. Cournede
SAMOVARTelecom SudParis, CNRSB. Defude
U2ISENSTAA. Chapoutot

3 – Condition of call

3.1 – Soumission

Dates and procedures are on the first page of the call. Each file will include a scientific description of the project and a financial appendix.
Projects must be accompanied by a scientific opinion from the head of the WG or DigiCosme axis, as the case may be. The opinion cannot be given by the project owner. Applications submitted late and/or incomplete will not be considere

3.2 – Sélection

Applications will be examined according to the type of project, either by Labex DigiCosme internal committee (possibly using experts from the Labex scope or external experts), or by a specific jury comprising members from outside the Labex. The selection will take into consideration the scientific excellence of the project, and its relevance to the objectives of the Labex. Labex may ask project leaders for both scientific and financial adjustments before taking its final decision.

3.3 – Validity of DigiCosme funding

If the project involves recruitment, this recruitment must be effective by 12/31/2019 at the latest, after which date the corresponding appropriations may be reallocated to other projects.

3.4 – Commitment

The project leader commit to use the credits in accordance with the objectives announced and validated by Labex DigiCosme authorities, to report annually on scientific activity and the use of the credits. At the end of the project, he undertakes to list the achievements against the promises made at the time of submission. If the Labex deems that the credits have not been used in accordance with the stated objectives, a refund. Similarly, unused credits must be repaid by the partner institution.

Labex DigiCosme’s support should appear in the communications associated with the funded activities by inserting the following statement :
This research was partially supported by Labex DigiCosme (project ANR11LABEX0045DIGICOSME) operated by ANR as part of the program «Investissement d’Avenir» Idex ParisSaclay ANR11IDEX000302).