Each year, the Labex DigiCosme offers about twenty scholarships to students who have a very good academic level and who wish to pursue a master’s degree in the field of computer science and telecommunications at the Université Paris-Saclay, with a view to pursuing a doctorate.

1 – Ongoing call

Only the master program manager can submit applications.

The submission procedures is on the site’s intranet on the page:
2020-2021 Master Scholarship Submission
Two sessions are organised per year. The first in march is open to first time entrance student in Paris Saclay area or in Université Paris Saclay. Second one organised in june is open for all students.

PDF of the scolarships presentation

List of Partners participating in the “DigiCosme” LABEX and managing establishments
in which the master’s internship can be carried out without giving rise to suspension of the grant.

2 – Testimonials from scholarship holders

3 – History

YearNumber of grants awarded

3 – What are the conditions ?

Labex DigiCosme offers funding of 12 000€ per year.

  • Apply for a first year master’s degree (M1), or second year (M2) in one of the following master’s degrees.
  • If you enter the first year of a Master’s degree (M1), the scholarship is renewable for one year (subject to acceptance).
  • It cannot be combined with another scholarship.
  • DigiCosme will not cover the cost of transport and registration.
  • The studies, including the internship, must take place in one of the member institutions of Paris Saclay University; the choice of an internship outside this scope entails the interruption of the scholarship.
  • The student holding a grant is assigned a tutor from Labex DigiCosme community .

4 – Which are the targeted master program and how to apply  ?

To apply for the scholarship in one of the master’s courses of the Université Paris-Saclay the student must contact the person in charge of this course. The course managers are the only ones authorized to submit student applications, no direct application (from students) is possible.

NiveauNomAcronymInstitutions DigiCosmeNom anglaisLangue d’enseignement
M1M1-Informatique – IP ParisM1-InformatiqueInstitut Polytechnique de ParisM1-Computer ScienceAnglais
M1M1-PRIM1-MPRIUniversité Paris-Saclay, ENS Paris SaclayM1 – MPRIFrançais (UFR)
Anglais (ENS)
M1M1 Informatique Paris-SaclayM1-InformatiqueUniversité Paris-SaclayM1-Computer ScienceAnglais
M1M1 Informatique Site VersaillesM1-UVSQUniversité Paris-Saclay, Univ. Versailles Saint QuentinM1-Computer ScienceFrançais
M1Bioinformatique et BiostatistiquesBIBSUniversité Paris-SaclayBioinformatique et BiostatistiquesFrançais
M1M1-Informatique – EvryM1-InformatiqueUniversité Paris-SaclayM1-Computer ScienceFrançais
M2M2-MPRIM2-MPRIUniversité Paris-Saclay, Institut Polytechnique de Paris, ENS Paris-SaclayAlgorithms and Foundations of Programming languagesAnglais
M1-M2Algorithmique et Modélisation à l’Interface des SciencesAMISUniv. Versailles Saint QuentinAlgorithmique et Modélisation à l’Interface des SciencesFrançais
M1-M2CybersecurityInstitut Polytechnique de ParisCybersecurityAnglais
M1-M2Recherche OpérationnelleMPROUniversité Paris-Saclay, Institut Polytechnique de Paris, Ecole Polytechnique, Institut Mines-TélécomsOperational ResearchFrançais
M1-M2Data & Artificial IntelligenceDataAIInstitut Polytechnique de ParisData & Artificial IntelligenceAnglais
M1-M2Informatique pour les Réseaux de CommunicationCSNInstitut Polytechnique de ParisComputer Science for NetworksAnglais
M1-M2Gestion de données dans un monde numériqueDataScaleUniversité Paris-Saclay, Univ. Versailles Saint QuentinData Management in a Digital WorldFrançais
M1-M2Human Computer InteractionHCIUniversité Paris-SaclayHuman-Computer InteractionAnglais
M1-M2Sécurité des Contenus, des Réseaux, des Télécommunications et des SystèmesSeCReTSUniversité Paris-Saclay, Univ. Versailles Saint QuentinSecurity of Contents, netwoRks, Telecommunications and SystemsFrançais
M1-M2Ingénierie des RéseauxIRUniversité Paris-Saclay, Univ. Versailles Saint QuentinNetwork and System EngineeringFrançais
M1-M2GENomics Informatics and Mathematics for Health and EnvironmentGENIOMHEUniversité Paris-SaclayGENomics Informatics and Mathematics for Health and EnvironmentFrançais
M1-M2Data ScienceDSUniversité Paris-SaclayData ScienceAnglais
M1-M2Computer & Network SystemsCNSUniversité Paris-SaclayComputer & Network SystemsFrançais
M1-M2Cyber Physical SystemCPSInstitut Polytechnique de ParisCyber Physical SystemsAnglais
M1-M2High Performance Data AnalyticsHPDAInstitut Polytechnique de ParisHigh Performance Data AnalyticsAnglais
M1-M2Interaction, Graphic & DesignIGDInstitut Polytechnique de ParisInteraction, Graphic & DesignAnglais
M1-M2Parallel and Distributed SystemsPDSInstitut Polytechnique de ParisParallel and Distributed SystemsAnglais
M1-M2Artificial IntelligenceAIUniversité Paris-SaclayArtificial IntelligenceAnglais
M1-M2Parallel and Distributed Computer SciencePDCSUniversité Paris-SaclayParallel and Distributed Computer ScienceAnglais

2019 results
  • 5 scholarships allocated at first session (first time entrance student in Paris Saclay area) split as below :
    • M2 MN : 2
    • M2 SAR : 2
    • M2 CCN:1
  • 16 scholarships allocated at second session including:
    • 4 scholarships prolongation from M1 to M2
    • 3 news M1 scholarship (extension till 2020 if good results are achieved at M1)
    • 9 news M2 scholarship

The distribution of the new scholarships between the different training courses is as follows:

  • M1 Herbrand : 1
  • M1 Paris-Sud : 2
  • M2 Datascale : 1
  • M2 AIC : 2
  • M2 AFP : 1
  • M2 D&K : 2
  • M2 DSBI : 1
  • M2 IR : 1
  • M2 MN : 1

More than excellence, the jury has looked at student motivation for doctoral study, as mentionned in file.